We are now in our 11th year of participating in the FRC program and are very excited to be coming up to the first year of this Pinetree Regional! Our team is made up of over 70 students and about 15 mentors. Our mentors work with us, always "beside or behind" the student. Our team structure is entirely student led, with 2 Co-CEOs and 6 student VPs leading the team. Everything that we create we share, our 3D printer files we share under the account FRC1073 on www.thingiverse.com and all of our code for our robot and our scouting tablet application on www.github.com. We will be bringing our 3D printer to competition with us and have it setup in our pit, so swing by and have a look at the stuff we are creating! We can't wait to work with and compete with you all!