The Northern Force--or, as we are sometimes called, "FalGor"-- is looking forward to a great time at Pinetree! As a Maine team, we are thrilled to be part of the first Maine regional. We've started off our season well, with a productive build team leading to a successful first competition at the Granite State Regional in Manchester, NH. Our alliance--seeded 7th--made it all the way to the finals! Additionally, we won the Engineering Inspiration Award, which qualified us for the World Championship in St. Louis, where we will be competing this spring. While we've met many of the teams coming to Pinetree, several are new to us. Whether we've been at a competition with you before or we've never met, come say "hi" to our members in both the stands and the pits--we'll be the ones in pink. We look forward to playing with and against you all!