We are team 1831 from Gilford New Hampshire, the northern most team in New Hampshire.  We come from a town of 7000, a school of 500, and a team of 20. Our team originated in 2005, and competed in the 2006 Granite State Regional. In our first FIRST competition, we were awarded the highest rookie seed award. This season our bot, the Yelping Turkey 2, is our newest innovation created by our team, the Screaming Eagles. Our team is unique, having only four full time mentors. The students do the work. Parts are hand milled by our team members and the bot is designed in SolidWorks by the students. We meet from 2:30 to 10:00, and our sponsors support us with meals in order to ensure our ability to work. The team even sacrifices precious weekends in order to ensure the bot is finished.

For the Ultimate Ascent challenge, we have developed a bot that is able to climb and dump Frisbees in the 5 point goal. During autonomous, we are able to shoot 3 Frisbees into the goals. In this year’s Granite State Regional, our bot got the honor of being the first bot to fall 10 feet off the tower. Yet, due to all the hard work dedicated to the bot, the floor ended up taking more damage. A couple ball-peen hammers later, and our bot was ready to go. Now, in the Pine Tree Regionals, we are back ready to play.